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What Happens When You Breathe In Mold Spores

Are mold spores causing your allergies? WebMD explains.

Keep Thinking… In which environment did mold grow the best? The worst? What other foods do you think would mold? Does the type of bread make a difference?

I’m so sorry to hear of all the uprooting and loss this experience has cost you but so happy to hear that you are resolving the health issues caused by the toxic mold.

Sep 10, 2011  · Mold, a type of fungus growing in your home, can produce dangerous mycotoxins that can make you extremely sick or even kill you.

Apr 21, 2012  · A common concern people have is the outcome of eating food that is moldy. This happens when you are not paying attention to what you are eating and …

If you have any of these issues, it may be worthwhile to consider your indoor air quality, and the possibility that your health problems may be related to mold.

Toxic Black Mold: 7 Symptoms In Your Body And Home You Should Never, Ever Ignore

Mold Allergy What Is a Mold Allergy? If you have an allergy that occurs over several seasons, you may be allergic to the spores of molds or other fungi.

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