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What Happens When You Overfeed A Turtle

Bearded dragons can become stressed at times which could lead to health problems. Here are 6 signs of stress for a bearded dragon.

I am in the process of raising a juvenile African Spurred Tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) and have researched the proper care thoroughly. It is important for you to get …

How to Make a Goldfish Live for Decades. Believe it or not, a goldfish could live for 10-25 years or longer if it’s given proper care. However, with normal care it …

There are 7 very common goldfish mistakes that you’re probably making right now… … and they might be causing you some SERIOUS problems. Worst of all, you may …

Is an Argentine Tegu for you? Tupinambis Merianae—-Argentine Black and White Tegu. Tupinambis Rufescens—Argentine Red Tegu. Tupinambis Merianae —–Blue Tegu

Information and artciles on all aspects of cockatiel breeding. Breeding. A New Season Begins Back to Basics Bird Body Language Hand Rearing

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