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What Happens When Your Intestines Shut Down

Your Baby is Born! What Happens Next Might Break Your Heart. Guest Post by Jennifer Margulis- some common baby procedures aren’t really necessary.

Appendicitis is a condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed and filled with pus. Learn about its causes, symptoms, and available treatment options.

Digestive System Problems. Nearly everyone has a digestive problem at one time or another. Some conditions, like indigestion or mild diarrhea, are common; they result …

Alcohol is absorbed into your body through the stomach and small intestines. Food slows down the rate of absorption – that’s why alcohol affects you more quickly on …

If you’ve ever eaten a huge tray of chicken nuggets and fries only to find your stomach growling soon after, it’s likely because you’re meal lacked fiber.

Mar 21, 2016  · Crohn’s Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » Vaso-Vagal Response from intestines – weird symptoms from stool moving thru GI tract

Let’s see what everyone else has to say about being glutened and how they recover. (My sincere thanks to all of you who offered your thoughts and solutions!)

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