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What Is A Cavitary Pulmonary Lesion

Cavities in the Lung in Oncology Patients: Imaging Overview and Differential Diagnoses. Appl Radiol.

Guidelines for the approach to cavitary lung lesions are lacking, yet a thorough understanding of the initial approach is important for those practicing hospital …

Incidence o On routine survey, <5% are malignant nodules o At surgery, 40% of nodules are ca, 40% granulomas

World Health Organization. Tuberculosis: fact sheet. October 2015; Accessed January 5, 2016. Available at:

A pulmonary sequestration (bronchopulmonary sequestration or cystic lung lesion), is a medical condition wherein a piece of tissue that ultimately develops into lung …

Figure 1. Posteroanterior chest radiograph shows a cystic lesion in the left mid lung due to coccidioidomycosis infection.

A solitary pulmonary nodule (SPN) is the most common radiographic presentation of lung cancer. The imaging characteristics of solitary pulmonary nodules are described …

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