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What Is A Chinese Junk Boat

Saffron Cruises has one of the largest fleets of junk boats in Hong Kong and are ideal for all occasions, from the three red sails of our Chinese sailing junk …

Sailing on a Hong Kong Junk The Hong Kong junk has come to represent the old traditional values that are still so ever present in this cosmopolitan city.

Chinese junk sail, why I rigged Mignonne with a Jukn Sail

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Anthony Platt [] sends along this wonderful article which his late brother Brian Platt wrote about 1960. It was never published in full.

S/V Concubine 37′ Chinese Junk S/V Concubine is a custom solid built Chinese Junk built in 1960 and refit in 1983. The Chinese Junk rig is the simplest, safest and …

Buy this used 1920 Chinese Junk for sale in Lake Oswego, OR listed by a private owner.

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