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What Is A Knob

Definition of knob. knob . noun. the tip (glans) of the penis.Suck my knob, baby. See more words with the same meaning: penis. Last edited on Oct 15 2011.

Define knob. knob synonyms, knob pronunciation, knob translation, English dictionary definition of knob. n. 1. A rounded protuberance. 2. a.

Lady: "excuse me sir, your knob is sticking out." Man: "don’t flatter yourself woman. its hanging out." Man 2: "call that a knob?" by simon December 24, 2003

knob definition, meaning, what is knob: a round handle, or a small, round device for controlling a machine or electrical…. Learn more.

Knob definition, a projecting part, usually rounded, forming the handle of a door, drawer, or the like. See more.

Define knob: a round switch on a television, radio, etc. — knob in a sentence

Knob may refer to: A round handle. Doorknob; Control knob, controls a device; Brodie knob, on a steering wheel; A rounded hill or mountain, particularly in the …

This is what you say when someone else farts and you notice it before they say saftey ,you say doorknob. You can punch them until they toucha doork…

Knobs. Knobs of ginger are only available from fresh ginger root, as dried ginger is most commonly available in minced or powdered form. A knob of ginger from a root …

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