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What Is A Methley Plum

"Bruce" Plums. The plum variety "Bruce" is a hybrid plum produced by crossing a Japanese plum with a member of another plum group, called European plums.

Height: 10-15′ Spread: 5-10′ Tree Form: Open-center vase. Pollination: Plant 2 Gulf plum varieties for cross-pollination Flowers: Feb-Mar Bears: May in 1-2 years

Very easy to grow plum trees that give you bushels full of plums every year! The Methley Plum tree looks great in any yard, and is great for organic fruit lovers!

Buy live Methley Plum Trees, Prunus salicina ‘Methley’, online at Nature Hills Nursery. We have a large selection of Plum trees & other plants. Order yours today!

Plum Trees. A blossoming Plum tree will take your breath away. Regarded as one of the most beautiful trees on the planet, the Plum’s annual explosion of exquisite …

I Ordered and Planted 2 Dwarf Size Methley Plum’s the Fall of 2015. The 2 Trees arrived extremely well packed and in excellent condition. They were fully leafed out …

‘Hanska’ is a hybrid between American plum and the Chinese apricot plum. This cross results in a fruit that is larger than those of our native plums.

We offer a variety of the finest plum trees available for your home orchard. Enjoy fresh plums straight from your backyard, order online with Willis Orchards!

Facts About Bruce Plum Trees. Like their cherry, apricot and peach relatives, plums are members of the rose family and form stone fruits: having a hard seed pit in …

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